The key technology considerations you’ll need to make in 2022

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While we commend any business for pushing through all of the struggles of operating in 2021, the fact is that more challenges will be coming your way next year! From securing your data (and how it travels from A to B) to finding smart ways to save your team’s time, there’s a lot for you … Read more

Leveraging automation to cut costs

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While ‘automation’ brings with it the idea of rigid, inflexible robots moving boxes from A to B, the truth couldn’t be more opposite. Thanks to the incredible computational power that businesses shave at their fingertips, we now work in a world where automation can enhance our conversations, optimise operations and ultimately save money that could … Read more

5 Months Free Broadband

5 months free broadband

Time to say goodbye to the PSTN In 2025, the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)that you may know better as the ‘landline’ is being turned off for good. This means that everyone, whether at home or in the office, will need to use an internet-based phone service. Many businesses have already made the switch, and … Read more

Secure data transfer solutions

Secure data

Now that businesses have embraced the internet whole-heartedly, sharing information across public internet connection is inherently risky, as there’s always a chance that a nefarious hacker could intercept the information and glean your business-critical confidential information! Thankfully, as the technology that allows us to connect over long distances as evolved, as have the ways that … Read more

Should I move my internet to 5G?


It is no understatement to say that 5G is the darling of the telecoms world. Its benefits are widely espoused as a revolution in the way we connect and interact globally, promising almost instant data access. Many businesses are reading these lofty possibilities and wondering whether they should be early adopters of this technology to … Read more

Embracing Automation for More Agile Communication


Even without the added challenges of Covid-19, many businesses (or individual staff) have been strained and stretched, with ‘not enough time in the day’. But with teams having so much on their plates now that we’re getting back to ‘Business as usual’, how can your organisation become more agile while they juggle all their daily … Read more

Save Money and Increase Efficiency by Leveraging a Managed Services Provider

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Now that we have weathered the most disruptive factors of the pandemic, businesses are re-evaluating aspects of their operations that were previously thought essential. Even physical office space itself could be on the chopping board, to help businesses save money and increase operational efficiencies! And as so many more functionalities have moved to the cloud, … Read more

2021 Energy price increases

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Due to the pandemic, energy prices crashed in 2020, but now electricity wholesale prices have doubled, and gas prices are over 141% higher than this time last year. There are many factors which make up your final energy rates, but what are the main ones pushing prices above pre-pandemic levels in 2021? 1. Supply and … Read more

Protecting your valuable business data

BDR protect against ransomware

With worldwide damages from cybercrime reportedly expected to top $6 trillion in 2021 (up from $3 trillion in 2015), organisations need to do everything they can to protect themselves against the dangers that ransomware or other cyberattacks pose. Even the likes of Apple can suffer from the hands of ransomware, with one of their major … Read more