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Fire protection and security systems are important for protecting a business’s premises, assets, and people from fire and unauthorised access. These systems can help to prevent damage, loss, and safety risks.

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Our Fire & Security Services.


Fire Prevention

Give yourself total peace of mind and total protection against disaster with advanced fire alarms and control systems.



The latest cloud-enabled CCTV systems. Full HD cameras, simple installation and expert system design from BDR Estate Solutions.


Access Control

PIN locks, smart card systems, fingerprint scanners and even multi face identification. Access control systems designed to meet every business requirement.


Gates & Barriers

Manage parking facilities via ANPR gates or control the flow of visitors into your building with smart gates and turnstiles, all managed by the security experts.


Intruder Alarms

The experts at BDR Estate Solutions can design and install a comprehensive system of state-of-the-art alarms and sensors to protect your business.

01 Fire Prevention

Delivering peace of mind with unrivalled expertise. We approach every fire control and alert installation with a clean sheet of paper, so get the ball rolling with a free site survey and quote from our expert engineers.

Fire Systems are at the heart of safety of every building and a key consideration for all businesses to protect not only their business and property but most importantly of all, their people.

Fire detection and alarm systems are a crucial part of your overall fire evacuation and fire safety plans.

BDR provide design, installation and commissioning, in accordance with British Standards regulations (BS5839:1 2013), ensuring your chosen system is compliant and your building, staff and visitors are protected.


The systems we offer meet BS and EN standards and come complete with fire and fault monitoring, head removal plus short and open circuit protection. 

When it comes to reducing fire risk, it’s not just the physical building design that can make the difference.

BDR are one of the few companies putting their expertise and know-how of fire containment techniques to the test in critical and challenging building environments. With access control and network expertise, we can offer the complete package.


Emergency Lighting

When it comes to fire, emergency lighting can be essential in helping to evacuate from buildings quickly and safely. BDR’s expertise in networking alongside, telephony, fire safety and security systems, puts us in a great place to fully understand customer requirements and help with long term planning for future projects – saving them both time and money.

For example, by having emergency lighting installed, BDR can put the base in place for future IT expansion – as and when budgets allows – or identify technological solutions to improve safety from push button switches to self-maintained lights.

Fire Detection

Addressable Systems
These are standard on larger premises with digital displays featuring zone and device information, allowing fire fighters and response staff to immediately see the exact location of the alarm.

Aspirating Systems
These are used where smoke or heat detection is not effective or where early warning or greater protection is required, including atriums, lifts and warehouses.

Fire Depressing Systems
These are used to detect and control fires in system critical locations, including data centres and computer rooms, LV and HV switch rooms and generator rooms.

Fire Doors

Fire Doors are an essential part of any fire containment strategy, offering up to an hour of added protection.

Article 18 of the Government’s Fire Safety Order sets out rules commercial premises should follow to meet fire regulations in terms of preventative and protective measures. This includes fire doors and escape doors.

BDR’s additional expertise in security systems and network solutions make the company the perfect choice for fire safety systems. This is especially the case with critical locations, where the ability to lock down or seal off areas remotely can be vital.

Fire Protection

It can be as simple as filling holes in walls, inserting specialist seals or installing fire doors, but all play their part in helping to slow down the advance of toxic smoke and flames, allowing time for people to evacuate or move to a safe zone elsewhere in the building.

Fire-stopping is an integral part of fire protection engineering, preventing smoke, gas and flames from spreading through gaps between walls, joints, floors and ceilings for up to an hour.

It’s the kind of preventative work that may be flagged up in the detailed report we prepare as part of our Fire Risk Assessment, which businesses need to complete by law.

Risk Assessments

BDR are accredited to work in both the private and public sector, including strictly controlled acute buildings and challenging environments, where regulatory and procedural expertise is critical. The Government’s Regulatory Reform Order 2005, requires every business to complete a risk assessment, which both identifies and advises on the steps you can take to reduce risk. BDR will carry out a detailed survey of your building before advising what is needed and highlighting the areas of greatest risk. Once completed, further independent checks will take place to ensure the work complies with fire safety standards.


Every office, warehouse and business premises have unique security requirements. Speak to us today about our custom design and installation services.

We are dedicated to keeping your business secure through our wide range of robust camera solutions.
With strict rules about which locations that cameras can be placed in and sensitivities about public space and privacy, it can be somewhat of a minefield to install a camera system. But we are here to guide you through the process.

Our CCTV business camera systems cover analogue, HD analogue and IP cameras providing businesses with the best quality images that can be monitored on a remote PC, mobile phone or tablet – choices that are both easy to use and inexpensive.

With options to suit businesses of any scale, whatever security system you have in mind, we will be able to provide. Or, if you are a newcomer to the world of CCTV, our team will happily guide you through the process.


ANPR CCTV is a surveillance technology that uses optical character recognition to automatically read and identify vehicle license plates. BDR Group is a leading provider of ANPR CCTV systems and services, offering customisable solutions and ongoing support to ensure peak performance.

Remote Access

Being able to remotely access your HD CCTV system offers several benefits, including convenience, improved security, increased flexibility, and cost savings. With remote access, you can monitor and control your security cameras from anywhere with an internet connection, quickly and easily view live footage, adjust camera settings, and add new cameras to your system. This can provide an extra layer of protection for your property, save on labor costs, and reduce the likelihood of theft or damage.

03 Access Control

From simple electronic controls to ultra-secure biometric readers, our access control systems maximise convenience without sacrificing protection. Get in touch to find out more.

Installing door access control systems will ensure your business is secure and that only the right people can access your buildings.

Keep your team secure and get peace of mind.

Key based solutions can deliver security, but you have all the hassle of getting the right keys to the right people, and what if someone loses a key?

Door access control systems give you all the control you want without any of the hassles of a lost key.


How it Works

• You issue a code, card or fob to every member of staff.
• Each one can be uniquely programmed to provide access only to the required designation.
• Access can be limited to selected times of the day and night.
• Reports can be created showing the time a user entered the building.
• If lost, simply block that card, fob or code and issue another.

04 Gates and Barriers

Looking for additional measures to securing your work site or property? In addition to intruder alerts, CCTV and access systems, BDR offers a full design and installation service for security gates and barriers.

Car park barriers are a simple, cost-effective way of controlling access into restricted areas. We have a range of products for customers to choose from, all including safety sensors as standard.

Add in our expertise in networking, fire and security. We’re able to ensure your gates and barriers ‘talk’ and connect with all your other safety systems. BDR offer the complete package. It’s all part of the service.

BDR are able to supply and install automated gates, including motors, safety equipment, grounds works, electricals and, of course, the gates all fitted to the highest standard.

And it’s not just new gates or barriers. BDR can modify existing gates and barrier systems too, with security turnstiles, roller shutters, and bollards among out other products.


05 Intruder Alarms

The risk of falling victim to crime is not the only consideration when it comes to deciding on whether installing an intruder alarm to protect your business or property is the right call. Your insurer will often insist on it, so contact us today to arrange a site survey.

Thanks to our network experience, your system can be integrated so that your intruder alarm can be controlled and monitored remotely by key holders or staff using an app on their phone.

Our teams are all experts in their field and will help you to find a solution that works for your premise. When it comes to installations we’ll make sure everything is quick and non-disruptive.

BDR are able to provide advice on getting the right system for you that will not only protect your business or property, but also help to reduce your premiums too with intruder alarms that conform to the latest British Standards (BS58243) requirements.

As well as offering alarms that link directly police and other emergency services, BDR can provide additional networking support, as well as the latest technology from manually operated panic buttons to infra-red detectors.

"The availability of engineers who really know their stuff has got us out of a few problems! Willingness to do anything to ensure the best service and ultimately make sure we have a beneficial partnership."

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