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In rapidly evolving business environments, you need a bespoke solution that keeps up with you. Our unified communication solutions offer practically unlimited scalability, allowing you to add and remove users as you grow.

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SIP 2 Teams

Get the essentials for any modern-day business and utilise tools such as Outlook, Sharepoint, Excel & many more.

01 VoIP Systems

For many businesses, Voice Over Internet Protocol is the final piece of the puzzle to enable truly remote working. 

Unlike analogue systems, VoIP systems, are accessed over the internet, allowing you to take your office phone home with you or even connect to your office extension with a mobile or desktop app.

Thanks to the inherent accessibility of VoIP systems, there’s no need for costly and time-consuming site visits from engineers to resolve issues or configure your system.

VoIP is geographically independent, giving you the ability to set up numbers around the country and internationally, creating points of presence in all the areas you target for business. 

No matter where you’re based, you can provide local numbers for your customers to call.

Unlike traditional analogue systems, VoIP offers practically unlimited expandability from day one. 

New users can be added on the same day; all you need to get them working is a device for them to connect with.


Designed by telecommunication experts and coding engineers in California, United States - 8x8 offers a clear, robust and modern solution to cloud telephony. Unlock the ability to easily call over the internet, displaying any number, from any smart device or computer.

iPECS Cloud

Crafted in South Korea, just out of Seoul, the Ericsson-LG developed 'iPECS Cloud' is a very updated and responsive telecommunications tool, which allows any business to communicate from anywhere in the world.

Simplified Communications

Removing the need for costly phone lines in your offices, VoIP systems can be hosted in the cloud without sacrificing any functionality. Not only does this save you monthly line rental fees, but it also saves you the expense of employing or paying for specialist telecoms engineers.

Call Costs

VoIP calls are far, far cheaper than traditional ISDN or PSTN calls. For this reason, we can include free calls with our systems. This creates an affordable fixed monthly cost that until now has largely been absent from telecoms, giving you far greater control over your budget.

Remote Working

VoIP numbers can be used from absolutely anywhere in the world, including your own home. This means there’s no longer any need to forward calls to your mobile or home phone if you can’t get to the office. All your remote staff can connect to the same system and use their office numbers from wherever they work.

02 SIP 2 Teams

Microsoft’s UC powerhouse, Teams is taking the business world by storm. Integrate it with your systems to access to video, chat, email, file and screen sharing capabilities.

We can connect Teams to the PSTN network through SIP to access the functionality of a traditional phone system through Teams’ interface.

Discover a communication service that will support you for years to come. SIP 2 Teams is resilient and scalable, powering your business as it grows and staying flexible in any situation.

With the upcoming ISDN switch-off in 2025, businesses need to turn to a new communication solution sooner rather than later. 

Teams presents a versatile and future-proof alternative. SIP connectivity is supremely reliable and available, whilst Teams is expected to be supported for many years to come.

This service is delivered by our fantastic engineers and you will always be able to call on the support of our cloud experts for advice or guidance on how to best utilise this system. This is a communication system with true longevity.

Cloud Communications

With no heavy and expensive equipment required, Teams provides your business with an unparalleled level of flexibility and versatility, your team can make effective calls anywhere they need to be.

Seamless Migration

You can make the switch quickly, whether you already use Teams or not. Teams can either integrate into your existing communication platform or replace it entirely. Your staff will be able to get to grips with this service easily.

Built-In Fraud Detection

We provide timely responses to fraud detection notices. We’ll notify you to any security risks that we notice across your entire communication platform, so you can maintain a flexible yet secure service.


Our team is here to guide you through the whole process, from migration, to set up to maintaining your services in the future, we can offer guidance and advice every step of the way.

"The availability of engineers who really know their stuff has got us out of a few problems! Willingness to do anything to ensure the best service and ultimately make sure we have a beneficial partnership."

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