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IT Hardware Solutions.

At BDR Group, we offer a range of IT hardware solutions to help businesses build and maintain their technology infrastructure. From laptops and keyboards to enterprise-class, market-leading solutions.

Our hardware is top branded quality and backed by experts who can help with designinstallation and support. If you need IT hardware, we’re here the right people.

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Our IT Hardware Offerings.


Work Computers

We provide high-quality laptops and desktop PCs. These are supported by experts who can help with installation and support. Whether you need a single computer or a fleet of laptops, we've got you covered.


Network Equipment

We offer a range of networking hardware to help businesses build and maintain a robust and reliable network. Our hardware includes routers, switches, and other networking equipment.


TVs & monitors

BDR Group offers the best TVs and monitors to businesses. Our TVs help you improve your visual displays and communication - ensure that your presentations, meetings, and other visual displays are always top-notch.


Specialist Equipment

Our specialist equipment includes storage, servers, satellite dishes, routers, and more, and is backed by a team of experts who can provide installation and support services. Access the specialist equipment you need to support your business and ensure that your technology is always up and running.

"The availability of engineers who really know their stuff has got us out of a few problems! Willingness to do anything to ensure the best service and ultimately make sure we have a beneficial partnership."

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