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Connectivity and WiFi.

It is essential for businesses to stay online, and BDR Connectivity is designed to make sure that you’re always available.

Our specialists are on hand to help. We’ve dealt with businesses of many different sizes and in many industries, so we know how to find a robust, yet cost-effective service for you.

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Broadband & WiFi.



Get superfast broadband for your business and get things faster. Leased lines and other connection types can completely change the way business is done.


Wi-Fi Solutions

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel or just want to offer a meaningful guest Wi-Fi service to visitors - BDR Group can help you achieve an effective Wi-Fi solutions.

01 Connectivity

Fast, secure and cost-effective connectivity, even between multiple sites using our Leased Line services. Take control of your business network with a truly dedicated connection.

Our Leased Lines provide you with a dedicated network that only your team can access, no more being held back by other high usage businesses in your area. 

Super-fast upload and download speeds mean you can handle business critical tasks whilst always remaining connected to your customers and colleagues.

This isn’t limited to one site however, our multi-site network can cater to your team no matter the size and scale of your operation. 

Our team are experienced in building truly tailor-made connectivity solutions for large enterprises, including MPLS networks connecting multiple offices.


Our state-of-the-art fibre connectivity service. FTTP boasts the highest internet transfer speed among all internet service options. For the business that needs reliability as well as super-fast speeds.

Leased Lines

A dedicated connection just for your team, leased lines provide equally powerful upload and download speeds so your team can carry out business critical tasks effectively. Having an exclusive line means you no longer have to worry about the usage of others in your area.


Keep multiple sites connected at all times, this service is ideal for larger teams or those who are spread out across more than one premise. Save money on your site-to-site communications and collaborate more effectively.

SIP Trunking

A simple way to keep all of your communications working effectively, SIP trunking connects your broadband service to your phone systems, meaning you always have the ability to stay in contact with customers and colleagues.

02 Wi-Fi Solutions

Our WiFi solutions allow businesses to overcome a variety of connectivity issues, providing the highest network speeds available even in challenging areas. 

We have supplied WiFi systems to a range of different premises, from hospitals, schools, and health sectors as well as offices and industrial sites, so we are sure that we have the solution for you.

For growing teams or those with fluctuating numbers such as those in construction or events, we can provide private access networks that get your team and customers online fast.

Our business WiFi services are consistently reliable no matter the location or specific needs of your premise. Even if your team are based in a rural area or older location, our solutions are adaptable enough to thrive.

We can carry out a free survey of your location, allowing our experts to guarantee that you have a connectivity service that works with your location both now and in the future. We’ll also let you know about any pre-installation work that needs to be done.

Network Monitoring

Helpful tools that allow you to check on the state of your network. Make sure your whole platform is working at top efficiency and find out where the majority of usage comes from.

VoIP and SIP

Integration with your communication apps and services can be invaluable to a business that needs to stay connected. Keep making calls and hosting video conferences at your best with a connectivity service that works for you.


Our networks value security as paramount, WiFi from BDR is far more secure than relying on a residential network or public services, meaning no bad actors can gain access to your network or the data within it.

"The availability of engineers who really know their stuff has got us out of a few problems! Willingness to do anything to ensure the best service and ultimately make sure we have a beneficial partnership."

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