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BDR Group Leadership.

We are a privately-owned, family-run business, and have been for the last 32 years. Our Directorate and Executive Board are made up of seasoned and highly skilled individuals, with a wealth of experience. For more about how we operate, use the navigation menu above.

Bahman Rahimi


Malek Rahimi

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Fitton

Chief Finance Officer

Andy McCathie

Service Director

Ashley Webb

Group Operations Director

Ryan Fenwick

Group Sales Director

Kevin Godfrey

Commercial Director

Martin Hibberd

International Sales Director

Trevor Grove

Technical Director

Jamie Cozens

Enterprise Sales Director

Andrea Hancox

Group HR Manager & Personal Assistant to CEO

Owen Whitlock

Group Head of IT Solutions

Danielle Faireless

Deputy Head of IT & Group Head of Telecoms

Gary Brain

Group Head of Financial

Tom Corsi

Group Head of Incident Management

Rob Jenkins

Group Head of Service & Support

Megan Hadley

Group Head of Energy Sales

Dave Beach

Group Head of Business Intelligence

Stephen Chadwick

Group Head of Client Renewals and Dealer Channel

Tommy Archer

Sales Manager – HQ

Sophie Halton

Head of Business Support

Jessica Hegley

Operations Manager

Steve Brown

Head of Cabling

Neal Fishwick

Head of Fire & Security

Reiss Hodgson

Head of IT Support

Rodrigo Quintian

Head of 3rd Line Support

Zak Gavin

Head of Billing

Toby Kadi

Sales Manager – Kent & Essex

Dawn Clayton

Head of Accounts Payable

Joanna Coleman

Head of Treasury

Richard Dallaway

Deputy Head of Telecoms

Our Story.

BDR Group was founded in 1991, a time when the world was undergoing major changes in technology and communication. Our company was established with the goal of providing innovative solutions in the telecoms and IT fields, helping businesses stay connected and competitive in a rapidly evolving market. Since our founding, we’ve stayed committed to our values of excellence and inclusion, working to provide the best possible service to our clients.

In the last 32 years, BDR Group has been at the forefront of change – keeping updated with all of the latest developments in technology and communications.

"When I founded BDR Group in 1991, I did so with a focus on creating a level playing field for all staff, regardless of gender, race or religion. Our goal is to provide a calm, healthy environment for our team to thrive and deliver the best service to our customers. We strive for excellence in everything we do, living by our tagline: 'To tirelessly pursue excellence to the benefit of customers, staff, and suppliers."

We believe that every business, no matter its size, deserves access to the best telecoms and IT solutions; that’s why we’ve always offered personalised services & support, tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are the trusted choice for telecoms and IT services.

Our M&A History.

BDR Group has been successfully completing mergers & acquisitions since 2010. We believe that this strategy of growth has allowed us to expand our operations, increase the quality of our services and ultimately, enhance our customer’s experience.


Head Office Opens

BDR Group's new Head Office finally opens up; paving the way for more growth and expansion.



BDR Group buys Rainbow in 2010.


Telecom Advance

BDR Group buys Telecom Advance in 2011.



BDR Group buys Cygnet in 2014.


Southern Voice & Data

BDR Group buys Southern Voice & Data in 2015.



BDR Group buys Astute in 2016.



BDR Group buys Grapevine in 2017.



BDR Group buys a majority equity share in ICOM, in 2018.



BDR Group buys Comec in 2019.



BDR Group wholly buys ICOM in 2019.



BDR Group buys Openlink in 2020.



BDR Group buys ACR in 2021.



BDR Group buys Boffins in 2021.



BDR Group buys Integratech in 2022.



BDR Group buys Maple in 2022.


Avian Mobiles

BDR Group buys Avian Mobiles in 2022.


3C Technology

BDR Group buys 3C Technology in 2023.


TFM Networks 2023

BDR Group buys TFM Networks in 2023.


Loop Voice & Data

BDR Group buys Loop Voice & Data in 2023.



BDR Group buys YTS in 2023.


BDR Group was founded in 1991 by Bahman Rahimi. Our first office was in Stratford Upon Avon. We now have multiple offices across the world.

We have just under 200 people who work at BDR Group. Our employees are spread across the UK and South Africa.

Yes, BDR Group is a family-run, privately-owned business and we have no intentions of changing that anytime soon.

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