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Save Money and Increase Efficiency by Leveraging a Managed Services Provider

Now that we have weathered the most disruptive factors of the pandemic, businesses are re-evaluating aspects of their operations that were previously thought essential. Even physical office space itself could be on the chopping board, to help businesses save money and increase operational efficiencies!

And as so many more functionalities have moved to the cloud, the size and scope of an operation’s online presence has increased dramatically. However, this also widens the number of attack vectors and increases the possibility of experiencing some form of attack in general.

Thankfully, there’s an answer. Partnering with an experienced Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help you save money, protect your business-critical data and increase efficiency, to ultimately develop a more agile and profitable business. Here’s how.

Save money

An MSP saves your business money in multiple ways – first of all, it frees-up your team’s time. Instead of scouring report logs or investigating suspicious activity, offloading those tasks to an MSP allows them to focus on more pressing matters than are a priority for the day-to-day running of the operation. Even if you don’t have an IT team, the cost of securing an MSP is far lower than hiring an IT Manager in itself!

Then there are hypothetical costs that an MSP can save you from experiencing, like the financial impact of a cyber breach. A recent report from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport put the average cost of a cyber security breach at approximately £10,000! So, if you don’t want the added headache of lost customer data, GDPR investigations and costly data recovery, partnering with a cyber security expert is certainly a wise move.

Finally, the right MSP will help you find ways to optimise your systems and enable your team to do more with their time – explained further in the section below – meaning a better ROI from your staff and IT systems.

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Increase efficiency

If you’ve moved systems to the cloud during the pandemic, there’s a good chance your new services aren’t talking to one another. An MSP could possibly help create bespoke APIs that help your systems all work together, or recommend a new solution that could ‘talk to’ your other software services.

With teams now accessing internet-based services more frequently, and many requiring constant connections (Teams, Adobe, etc.), sub-par connectivity or traffic management could cause bottlenecks in your connection and grind workers to a halt. With one eye constantly assessing your network performance, MSPs can adjust priorities to prevent slowdown, or recommend the future-proof connectivity needed for you to scale confidently.

With your team working from home, you still need to know how they’re working. While the occasional ‘catch-up’ works, especially from a wellbeing perspective, you need cold, hard data to evaluate employee performance. Alongside network reports, MSPs can provide deeper insights into how your staff work, when and how productively, leveraging operational metrics to highlight where extra focus is required.

Why Choose BDR?

With over 300 staff spread across five locations nationally, we’re always ready to support your business growth. And our approach makes sure we don’t leave anything to chance…


Our experts will carry out a thorough and precise check, identifying issues and areas that can be worked on, providing the guidance you need to know how to get there.


With our simple process, you’ll get a fully documented plan of your infrastructure, which allows us to effectively support your business by building from this plan and tweaking strategies where necessary.


Our protection suite keeps your digital services secure, providing safety from viruses, spyware and other threats. For increased security we also offer firewall services that are penetration tested each month.

Optimise & Report

We regularly run reports to prove the efficacy of our security solutions and suggest ways we can optimise the experience and enhance the safeguards offered.

Virtual Support

Whether you require 24/7 help at a moment’s notice or access to occasional advice, BDR provides a package that fits your budget while offering experienced engineers and technicians for all your needs.

All told, if businesses are to embrace this new world of hybrid working, collaboration from anywhere and cloud services, they need an experienced guide. Not only to highlight the vulnerabilities that could derail the organisation and ensure a future-proof, efficient operation, but to also keep one eye on network behaviour at all times, preventing unwanted access and bottlenecks from derailing the business.

If you want to work with a team of highly qualified, experienced IT professionals, look no further than BDR Group. No matter the size, scope or speciality of your operation, we can help you embrace the future with confidence! So, get in touch today.



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