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BDR Group is a provider of telecommunications and IT solutions for businesses. We offer a wide range of services, including phone systems, broadband connectivity, IT hardware, managed IT services, and cybersecurity. With over 30 years of experience, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to help businesses stay connected and secure. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Cloud Telephony

Upgrade or change your existing phone system to a hosted cloud VoIP system. Make unlimited calls over the internet and reduce hardware costs.

Connectivity & WiFi Solutions

Get access to the UK's fastest internet connections and unrivalled support. Revolutionise your business with a dedicated leased line with speeds over 1,000mbps.

IT Hardware Solutions

We provide 100s of different companies across the UK with the best computer hardware available. Everything from USB sticks and laptops to servers and satellites.

Managed IT Services

User management and technical support is key to ensuring any business runs smoothly. Don't have your staff stuck with IT support issues, let us handle it all.

Global Cybersecurity

Over 65,000 hacking attempts on businesses occur everyday in the United Kingdom. Is your company protected from these threats? Find out with BDR.

Business Mobiles & Tablets

Keep your staff communicating on the go, with purpose-set business mobile phones and tablets. Perfect for salespeople on the road.

Structured Cabling

Unlock a new level of organisation with our cable management services. Save time tracing cables and make everything look better, cleaner and professional.

Electrical Services

From A-Z, our property solutions division can handle all aspect of electrical works, from wiring, installation and appliance testint.

Facilities Management

Our experienced team are experience in all aspects of facilities management. From mechanical and plumbing works to building fabric maintenance and minor works.

Fire Safety

Protect your business from loss through fire, with state-of-the-art fire prevention systems, that can detect and defuse fires within a building.

Security Services

CCTV, access control, barriers and so much more. Our security services division can ensure that your property is more secure than a bank.

Energy Switching

BDR energy consultants are constantly monitoring the energy market, finding the best prices and deals for our customers. Looking to switch? Contact us.

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