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Icom, part of The BDR Group, are happy to announce partnership with Cantium

Icom are very excited to secure a partnership with Cantium Business Solutions. Collectively a £60m Technology Hub, we aim to deliver digital transformation to our clients, maximising each other’s product portfolios.

With the market highly customer focused, we believe it is imperative to cater for all of our customer’s needs whilst maintaining the in house skills, knowledge & capabilities that can be costly to harbour. When embarking on a large product portfolio with a customer care focused business, we run the risk of spread skill sets and this is a core reason that Cantium ‘fits the mould’ for us.

Our partnership will aid in maximising existing client revenues whilst delivering reliable, fast solutions spread across all verticals. Cantium spends time recognising it’s clients core objectives – something we believe is a key step often missed when moving a traditional business onto modern technology.

Outlining the key sectors Cantium operates in, Icom has been able to recognise a very strong partner capable of helping our own long standing clients develop in IT, HR & payroll.  Further to this, Cantium and our group share a similar performance culture that we feel is the right fit for our growth strategy moving into 2020.

We will be working towards delivering Cloud telephony and building security, ensuring the technologies are updated and in budget, which are two main priorities we share and will deliver on as partners.


Malek Rahimi

Group Operations Director



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