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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Hosted Cloud / VoIP

VOIP telephony is fast becoming the No.1 choice for companies across the UK and the globe. Hosted cloud or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is, simply put, calls made over the internet and your broadband.

Hosted technology works by using SIP trunks (Session Initiated Protocol) – these SIP trunks allow you to make calls over the internet and connect with other telephone numbers around the world. There are an expected 1 billion users of this revolutionary technology by 2020.

This article will explain the Top 5 Reasons to make the switch and upgrade to Hosted Cloud / VOIP.

Perfect for remote or home workers.

1. Make/Receive Calls on your main number, anywhere.

That’s right – with VOIP, you’re not bound to your office or a physical location – you make calls from a different country (if you wanted) and still display your main number. All that’s required is an internet connection and you’re ready to go!

Be in control of your system.

2. Create and edit your phone system from your PC (For Free).

With hosted cloud, you’re no longer bound and reliant on your telecoms company to make every little change for your phone system. You have all of the control and can make changes to your setup whenever you want, through your PC, smartphone or tablet – no more fees for making changes.[

Protect your continuity.

3. Ensure business continuity and build your Disaster Management Plan. 

Protect your business continuity with VoIP, with a cloud-based phone system you can say goodbye to the risk of fire, flooding or other damage putting your on-premise system offline. You can’t flood the internet!

Setup diverts in seconds.

4. Enjoy instant changes and diverts.

No more waiting for diverts to be put in place when you’re out of the office – hosted systems allow you to apply changes instantly over the internet. So if something goes wrong (power cut, etc.) you can simply login via your smartphone and point your numbers somewhere else.

Never miss a call again.

5. Connect your smartphone and PC.

Harness the power of hosted telephony and connect your smart devices to your phone system. Take calls like you would in the office, but on the go with the LG UCE+ application or iPECS Mobile – perfect for taxi companies, senior staff and working from home.

Upgrade your system in days, not months.



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