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As technology evolves at an ever-increasing rate, NHS Trusts and other Public Sector organisations require a team of trained professionals that can make that technology secure and cost-effective.

More importantly, that technology needs to be accessible and easy to use by service users, and beneficial for front-line clinicians as their time is so precious.

As the IT & Telecoms partner for several NHS Trusts, our experience means we know the solutions that bring the benefits you need and how we can deploy them effectively, on time and in budget.

Check out our case study to see how we’ve solved issues for other NHS Trusts.

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Download our NHS case study and learn how we helped drive down costs

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Our Services

BDR offer a broad range of IT, telecoms and estate management services

With a proven track record providing solutions to both the NHS and public sector. See our guide for more information.

Case Study

TUPE-ing Medway Community Healthcare

One of the largest factors in these successful deployments is folding IT admin staff into the BDR family. This enables them to take advantage of the entire BDR team, with over 200 colleagues supporting the design, implementation and maintenance of their IT services, bringing better technology into the Public Sector, so that everyone can benefit.

Download our case study to see how TUPE-ing Medway Community Healthcare’s team into the BDR family helped drive down costs and enable deployments that would have taken months, in just a couple of weeks.

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Answering the challenges of the pandemic for the NHS

The pandemic was a steep learning curve for us all and BDR is proud that its award-winning solutions meant it was able to support Trusts through the most trying circumstances. Our range of technology solutions have been utilised to create new flexible working practices and maximise efficiency of current ones as well as introducing new systems tailored to meet the needs of infection control. Our teams have learnt a lot about the very unique requirements of the NHS are now perfectly positioned to fulfil post pandemic supply needs.

The Comms National Awards 2020

Another proud moment for BDR – to be awarded the CNA Awards 2020 ‘Keep Britain Working’ Award, with such strong competition from the other finalists and ‘Highly Commended’ in the Vert, UC category, proves the dedication our team has put it over the last year. It’s great that our staff have received recognition for playing their part in Keeping Britain Working during the pandemic.  

Transforming NHS IT Teams into Enablers with Support from BDR

While the NHS is one of the UK’s most amazing achievements, it does have its faults. Especially the disjoin between the often-old-school processes within its clinical and operational practices, and the technology we regularly use within our personal lives.

Whether down to a lack of budget, technical knowledge, headcount or time – but most likely a combination of all of these factors and more – the biggest blocker that the NHS faces in reinventing the way it interacts with patients and clinicians, is its ability to harness new technology and leverage it as an enabler.

In a nutshell, why is the process to get the medical services a patient needs so lengthy, when sourcing other services and products from other industries is so simple?

Discover BDR’s answer and how to solve it by reading our blog.

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Working with NHS Trusts

Work with the best

BDR has a long history of working with NHS Trusts because we’re passionate about creating solutions that provide a better experience for the public, not just our private customers. And that commercial experience genuinely helps us create better, more agile solutions for the Public Sector too.

So much so, that our work with Medway Community Health was awarded the ‘Best Covid-19 Initiative’ at last years’ CRN awards. We’ve also won several other awards for our work in the Private and Public sectors, so you know you’re getting a partner you can trust.

Interested in what BDR Group can do for your organisation? Download our case study or get in touch to see how we can help bring your operation into the 21st Century, while reducing costs and creating a better experience for patients and clinicians!


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