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BDR is Keeping Britain Working

The last 6 months seem to have gone by in a blur!

We’ve been recognised for our amazing innovation and supporting our NHS Trusts through what has been an unprecedented period of change. And we’ve also been helping our commercial and retail customers work from home and improve their remote working strategies.

Now that we’ve returned to business as usual, I wanted to share the tremendous effort BDR and its staff have made to support our customers, and how we can help your operation in the same way; adapting to the challenges that all businesses are now facing and preparing for the economic bounce back.

Supporting Critical National Infrastructure operations

We couldn’t be prouder of how our staff have tirelessly helped keep vital services available and online for the UK. Over 50 members of our workforce have taken time out of their home-lives to distribute PPE on behalf of 3 NHS Trusts, leveraging our engineering and logistics resources to save the NHS considerable time and resources through the pandemic; totalling approximately 75000 miles and £16.9k of petrol!

BDR was called to assist the Kent & Medway Partnership Trust, and the 150+ team more than answered the call, working tirelessly to support NHS staff and patients and helping to activate pop-up COVID wards. But that’s not all. Our team not only installed the connectivity and IT hardware but also fitted motorised beds, tested all lighting & electricity supplies and completed on-the-fly risk assessments to ensure medical staff were as well safeguarded as possible.

The team has regularly gone above and beyond the call of duty, proving just how much they embody BDR’s mission statement:

To tirelessly pursue excellence to the benefit of our customers, staff and suppliers.

We treat all of our customers – Public Sector and commercial – just like we treat our employees and suppliers; as part of our family. Our team is guided by our mission statement in everything they do, meaning that we will pursue excellence for you too!

No matter the task, how large, small, complex or last-minute, BDR’s national team of engineers, customer support staff and account managers will work tirelessly to get the job done for your organisation.

Increasing remote access and productivity

Remote working has been a hot topic ever since the National Lockdown required so many of us to work from home. BDR has been supporting customers enable their teams to work just as productively from their home workspaces as their offices with remote working solutions that go far beyond simply redirecting phone numbers.

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to application for video calling and collaboration, but it can also be your complete telephony solution, enabling your staff to make and receive calls from any device with the Teams application installed. Plus, with all the chat, file sharing and video calling tools included, Teams can become your operation’s single communication platform!

At the start of the lockdown, The Trussel Trust, who manage the network of national food banks that have helped countless families with emergency food supplies and social support, needed help to enable their staff to continue their amazing service.

With BDR’s assistance, The Trussel Trust’s admin staff and volunteers now have all the tools required to operate from home, as well as on the go, making their operation more agile and even more productive than ever before.

So, if you’d like to increase your remote workers’ availability and productivity, call us on 0800 975 3000 and discover how SIP 2 Teams and BDR can maximise your operation’s potential!

Key remote working solutions

  • SIP 2 Teams calling integration to enable business calls from any device
  • Wi-Fi enabled desk phones for those who prefer physical handsets or can’t use their own telephone lines
  • Wired and wireless headsets for crystal-clear calling from any device

PPE and Temperature Recognition

While retail and other commercial enterprises are still learning how to reopen safely, we’ve already got the ideal solution ready and implementing it in businesses that are desperate to reopen as they start to recover from the economic affected of the lockdown.

By leveraging our relationship with international hardware and software vendors and combining their technology with our innovative AI-based image recognition systems, we can bring automated PPE and temperature alerting to businesses and Public Sector operations throughout the country.

We’ve created custom applications that can automatically notify managers and team leaders if a person isn’t wearing the correct PPE and these solutions are ideal for any site, not just retail and healthcare implementations.

This solution has been vital to ensure businesses re-open safely, protecting the health of their staff and customers. And, no matter your speciality or market, we can supply, install and manage temperature sensing IR cameras throughout your sites too.

Our systems are far less intrusive than holding an IR thermometer to a person’s head and also means that multiple people can be examined at once, making sure your business doesn’t experience long waits and potential customers aren’t put off by long queues.

Plus, your staff can view our IR cameras from any computer, or even remotely, so that staff aren’t having to risk their own safety by coming in close contact with visitors as they enter your site.

CASE STUDY: Kent and Medway NHS Trust

If you still want more proof of what working with BDR is like, we regularly receive amazing feedback, like this, from our customers:

“Our Head of Service, Louise Clack has shared with me the extraordinarily impressive work that your team have undertaken to ensure that our dedicated COVID 19 Ward was up and running.

The work undertaken enabled our ward to open to COVID patients on time and with all the facilities needed to ensure the smooth running of the ward.

I wanted to record my personal thanks, along with that of my board, and to say that your team’s work has made an enormously positive difference to some of our most vulnerable patients.”

Helen Greatorex, Chief Executive, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

BDR has been an essential partner for hundreds of National Infrastructure and commercial operations through the COVID-19 crisis and long may it continue!

So, whatever your industry or operation, if you’re needing more support, looking to increase staff and customer protections, or even want to reimagine your connectivity and communication services for the challenges of today, get in touch. We promise you won’t regret it.



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