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Guest Wi-Fi and Hosted Platform

When BDR first approached Mike Ashwin’s Cash Generator Stores our main objective was to find a scalable and flexible hosted platform that cut the costs for the customer and was based on a future proof platform that would supply updated software for today and tomorrow.

The Stores in their entirety had many providers for services, each individual site had as many as four individual suppliers for various services. Over the cause of a project plan, BDR cleansed through the providers and saw that we could implement a solution that centralised the services onto one bill, under one roof with a dedicated account manager.

Stores were provided with a Sonicwall Router to separate the Guest WIFI and Store WIFI networks in a secure way. Calls were placed on an inclusive package and maintenance wrapped in ensuring all sites had a set figure per month for the services they require.

BDR implemented the project within 4 weeks, porting the lines and configuring the hardware before sending the BDR engineering staff into each of the stores to complete the installations.

BDR are proud to work with Mike Ashwin and the Cash Generator Stores and will carry on delivering leading edge technology’s at market leading prices.



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