Journey to the cloud – The risks and rewards

Team working on laptops

Businesses embracing the cloud are performing the most significant evolution of their operation since the internet was first popularised, and can lead to a number of rewards, but the journey doesn’t come without its own risks too. An organisation’s digital transformation is one of the most dangerous journeys an IT team can embark on. And … Read more

137 Acre Wi-Fi Solution for Three Counties Showground

three counties case study

Historically the three counties show grounds had a fibre network around the perimeter of their site with additional microwave point to point links providing access to other area. The valley and relatively rural location of the site is often affected by adverse weather conditions with gusts of winds up to 100 MPH. This meant the … Read more

ITIL Certified

Being ITIL certified is all about best practice. And that means having a better understanding of the framework and how it can be used to make sure the customer receives a more professional approach to service delivery and increased competence and productivity. This improves the IT service supplied to the customer and they get a … Read more