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ITIL Certified

Being ITIL certified is all about best practice. And that means having a better understanding of the framework and how it can be used to make sure the customer receives a more professional approach to service delivery and increased competence and productivity. This improves the IT service supplied to the customer and they get a better return on their investment in BDR.

ITIL is a set of recommended processes, principles and practises to ensure that we provide an optimum level of service to customers, which is industry recognised and in line with other IT departments and service providers

“Being ITIL certified means I have a good understanding of the core concepts and elements which will help me understand the needs of business development. ITIL will become more prominent in the IT world and being qualified puts me in a good position for the future.”.

Dean Mitchell – Technical Support

Luke Cockell, Dean Mitchell, Aaron Rose & Adrian Kelly are all now ITIL certified.



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