What is a managed service?

Managed service blog

Put simply, managed services are a way of outsourcing specialised business operations like IT, instead of handling them in-house. But there’s a lot more to say about them than that. We’ve written this blog to help clear up how managed services work, and what the benefits are. BDR is one of the UK’s most trusted … Read more

Prisma: Secure Remote Access without the Bottlenecks of VPN


For years, enterprises have taken advantage of remote access VPNs to ensure the secure availability of resources, and for many people, the phrases “remote access” and “VPN” are synonymous. However, enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud applications and given the recent surge in remote working, network and security teams are struggling to keep control. Having so … Read more

BDR is Keeping Britain Working

Our vans are keeping people working

The last 6 months seem to have gone by in a blur! We’ve been recognised for our amazing innovation and supporting our NHS Trusts through what has been an unprecedented period of change. And we’ve also been helping our commercial and retail customers work from home and improve their remote working strategies. Now that we’ve … Read more

COVID-19 Tips

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COVID-19 | DISASTER MANAGEMENT How to prepare your business for COVID-19 COVID-19 threatens the continuity of 1,000s of businesses and the global economy. What steps can you take to protect your organisation from Coronavirus? BDR’s Plan Explore Advice → Government Strategy Plan Our Government have devised a four-stage action plan to contain, delay, research and mitigate … Read more

Coronavirus Statement

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To whom it may concern, We are working closely with all of our Supply Chain Partners in formulating a strategic plan in preparation for any impact on manufacturing in impacted regions, specifically China and South Korea. We will continue to monitor and evaluate Coronavirus developments, where new regions are identified and specifically should the virus … Read more

Working with Green Office Technology for local Managed Print Solutions

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BDR are proud to announce a working alliance with local Managed Print Solutions provider Green Office Technology to provide the leading business services offering in the Midlands. Our alliance adds premier Managed Print Systems, Document Management Solutions and Mailroom equipment to our already class leading services – IT & Managed Services Telecommunications Systems Wi-Fi & … Read more

Rolls Royce Case Study

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BDR GROUP develop relationship with The International Club for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts.

Icom, part of The BDR Group, are happy to announce partnership with Cantium

Icom are very excited to secure a partnership with Cantium Business Solutions. Collectively a £60m Technology Hub, we aim to deliver digital transformation to our clients, maximising each other’s product portfolios. With the market highly customer focused, we believe it is imperative to cater for all of our customer’s needs whilst maintaining the in house … Read more

BDR turns 28!

Time flies when you’re having fun – BDR turned 28 on Saturday! Following the acquisition of Icom and Comec in the last year, and the BDR Group heading for an annual £30m annual turnover, the future looks brighter than ever – here’s to the next 28 years!

BDR Group Complete Another Acquisition

The Group’s CEO Bahman Rahimi commented that “This was a friendly acquisition, since I have known the joint owners of Comec, Martin Rowley and Trevor Grove, for a long time and consider them friends. It is tremendous that Comec is now part of our Group” Bahman Rahimi went on to say: “BDR’s established and unique … Read more