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BDR Group Completes Trio of Acquisitions

BDR Group has acquired Integratech, a Worcester-based IT services company. This is the company’s third consecutive acquisition in as many months, following ACR in Greater Manchester and Boffins in Buckinghamshire.

After a record year throughout 2020, BDR Group used its cash surplus to fund the trio of transactions completely independent of any borrowing.

Malek Rahimi, the company’s managing director, explained: “BDR’s board of directors recognise the importance that our organic growth must be complemented by a comprehensive acquisition program to meet our plans for the group.

“With BDR’s long and successful heritage in delivering nationwide service and the speedy emergence of digital transformation, I am repositioning our focus towards IT, infrastructure and virtualisation. With this in mind, the three businesses acquired ACR, Boffins and Integratech are all specialists in different aspects of IT and IT support, including Storage, SAP Business One integration, virtualisation and remote support.”

Ian Warr, managing director of Integratech, added: “What makes Integratech and BDR such a great combination is the dedication both operations have to their respective customers. Now, as part of BDR Group, we will be an even more formidable force for good in the IT and Telecoms space.”

Tony Burrisson, managing director of ACR Ltd, further commented: “The early jitters and concerns of joining BDR Group was very swiftly pushed aside by Malek and his team. We have been very pleasantly surprised at the welcome we enjoyed at our new head office from all BDR staff. We at ACR are excited to be part of the BDR family. We’re looking forward to working with the wider team and striving for excellence in all we do.”

“With over 150 years’ experience in IT support and management, we can’t wait to share our experiences and knowledge with the BDR team and discover how we can help each other succeed,” said Jon Buckley, CEO, Boffins.

Malek added, “The potential for growth across our new acquired companies is huge. Bringing these companies and their expertise into the BDR family is allowing cross-pollination of services across the group. This is changing the landscape of our offerings to customers and will enhance BDR group’s positioning and competitiveness in our market over the coming year.”



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