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BDR is excited to announce our new Web Listing Service (WLS)

We will be offering this service to all customers.

With our new WLS Portal you will be able to update and manage all your business details online from one place, allowing you to stay relevant and visible across some of the biggest search engines and websites in the world. 

WLS gives you the advantage of being easily found by new potential customers on all websites such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Uber and many more.

The portal puts you in complete control to keep all your information up-to-date and ensures that you stay high on the search results by auto-syncing your data regularly to keep you ahead of the competition.

We’re giving all our customers the chance to try the product for free during August, and half price for the following 3 months! 

Pay just £3.99 for the first three months and £8.99 per site thereafter. Want to add multiple sites? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

If you decide that a high online presence isn’t what your business needs, please complete the form below and return to us before the end of August and we’ll ensure that you never pay a penny.

BDR Web Listing Cancellation Form

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