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What is a managed service?

Put simply, managed services are a way of outsourcing specialised business operations like IT, instead of handling them in-house.

But there’s a lot more to say about them than that. We’ve written this blog to help clear up how managed services work, and what the benefits are. BDR is one of the UK’s most trusted managed service providers (MSP), and we pride ourselves on impartial advice.

This means we’re well placed to give an overview of this approach. We’ll kick off with some examples.

Who are managed services for?

Pretty much anyone and everyone! The point about managed services is that they are flexible. A managed service provider can fill in and support wherever you need.

If you’ve got any skills gaps or resource limitations in IT, a managed service provider can fill them. You might have an IT manager but outsource your helpdesk, for instance. That’s just one example.

A good MSP like BDR will audit your IT infrastructure and consult with you. This means you get an expert, objective assessment of your IT needs, and a managed services contract that meets them.

It’s flexible too. If you’ve got a big IT project coming up, your MSP can help deliver it. Your bill will probably increase for that period, and then go back to normal thereafter. (Side note: if you’re looking at MSPs, make sure you find one with transparent billing. At BDR, ours always is. You really don’t want any unexpected expenses.)

What are the benefits of managed services?

Convenience: Think about recruiting a whole IT department: job ads, interviews, payroll, training … It’s laborious stuff, and the onboarding process can take time.

With BDR, there’s none of that. You get expert support as soon your contract starts. We’ll perform a rapid assessment beforehand, so we’ll know your infrastructure. Then we get straight to work. And the billing is incredibly simple and predictable too.

Expertise: Most companies have some sort of knowledge or resource gap when it comes to IT. You’d need a pretty big IT department to look after your whole infrastructure. The trouble is that shortfalls in knowledge or resources can leave you vulnerable, whether that’s to cybercrime or everyday system issues.

Managed services can plug these knowledge gaps. At BDR, we work with a huge range of businesses. Some have in-house IT teams that we collaborate with. Some don’t have any in-house IT staff at all. Either way, with BDR they’ve got the support to ensure they’re protected from threats and can run at full speed.

Flexibility: Businesses change. And over time, your IT needs may change with you. You might have plans to expand. You might be making changes to your infrastructure. Whatever it is, business IT often throws up projects that are short term but large in scale. These are necessary but can easily be too much for your existing IT team.

Managed services from BDR give you the flexibility to cope. For any big IT projects, we’ll consult with you and your team to make sure you’re fully prepared. That way, your project will go smoothly while your existing infrastructure continues to run at full speed.

Reliability: The world is an unpredictable place. There are countless things affecting your business that you simply can’t control, from power cuts to the weather. So the name of the game is to anticipate problems, create contingencies and look after what you can control.

Managed services can help your achieve that stability. At BDR, we can monitor systems and prevent issues before they arise. We can provide a disaster recovery strategy to ensure you can work come what may. That’s just two examples, but we could name many more! The point is that with a well-managed IT infrastructure, you can keep downtime at bay.

Some of the managed services that BDR offers

We offer a huge range of managed IT services. You can simply pick and choose which ones you need. These are just a few:

Assessment: This is step one, and it’s crucial. We’ll conduct an expert audit of your IT infrastructure. This allows us to identify and assess any issues or vulnerabilities quickly. In consultation with you, we’ll then set about resolving them.

Protection: Cybercrime is an ever-present threat, and it’s essential to be wise to it. We offer a whole suite of cybersecurity measures, from anti-spam and anti-virus to firewalls that are penetration-tested monthly.

Optimise and Report: We use software that proactively monitors your infrastructure, creating monthly reports on performance and reliability. Our experts will use this information to nip any issues in the bud, so you’re always running smoothly.

Planning: As part of our maintenance process, we’ll develop a clearly documented plan of your IT infrastructure. As time passes and your business changes, we’ll continually tweak and build from that plan. That way both we and you know where you stand.

Virtualisation: We can create a virtual desktop environment that’s hosted in the cloud. This makes your infrastructure easier to manage, more flexible and accessible from anywhere. That way you can better support remote working, and maximise productivity.

Support: We can provide first, second or third-line IT support as needed. Whether you need 24/7 IT support or occasional assistance, we can provide a package that fits.

Small enough to care, big enough to cope

We hope this post has helped clear up the world of managed services. At BDR, we offer a huge range of services that will keep your business protected, running at full speed and as productive as possible. Whether it’s IT services or telecom, our experts can support your business. Get in touch to find out more.



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