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Switching from a failing IP telephony system to a Mitel solution

Chatsworth House is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and has been passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family. They had recently upgraded their telephone system to an IP solution that best suits a commercial business. This, in short, makes for a change, as Chatsworth House is really one of Britain’s finest tourist attractions. But they came to us originally with a need for a Mitel telephony solution, and we obliged.

The Problem

After a few months, their hosted telephony system kept failing. The issues became intolerable and the manufacturer seemed unable to resolve the problems. Effectively, they took it upon themselves to find a more suitable Mitel telephony solution. Ian Hughes contacted Icom to help them solve their telephony problem and provide them with a new system.

The BDR approach

The first step in this project was to find out what the main issues were with their current system. This came down to two problems:

  • For instance, the users had lost confidence in either their hosted telephony system and the support that came with it.
  • The installation was below standard. It had been connected to the existing system and building wiring, which was more than 40 years old in some parts. This was causing most of the issues with their new system.

In order to solve their problems, the Icom engineers chose to install a Mitel 3300 system. Following the customer’s requirements and complex organisation, this telephony system appeared as the best option. A Mitel 3300 system would also meet the requirements for their IP users in remote locations.

BDR advised them to remove the old wiring, upgrade the central core wiring and connect the system on a new termination frame.

The changeover was carefully planned and done in one evening in order not to disturb the employees. It went smoothly and, with our issue-free solution, the users could trust their telephony system once more.

The Results of a Mitel Telephony solution

Four years on, the trust still remains not only with the Mitel telephony solution we provided but also with BDR. We now support the entirety of the group’s six telephone systems. In addition, all work in the process comes from our sister company, ICOM Holdings.



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