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Supplying a new virtualised server infrastructure

Hawkesford covers the sale of all types of properties throughout South Warwickshire, from town centre apartments to large country houses. They are one of the leading firms within the area for New Homes and Development Land and work with a number of both local and national builders. At Hawkesford, they pride themselves on the personal service they provide to their clients through their highly skilled and dedicated staff.

Hawkesford Estate Agents required a comprehensive support service to support their head office and 2 satellite offices.   With over 25 desktops and 2 servers processing a large amount of personal data on behalf of their customers, they needed to be assured that security of the systems was substantial enough to ensure full compliance with new GDPR legislation. This was particularly important as the business had recently recovered from a devastating malware attack that had taken the whole system off-line for days, disrupting the business and impacting on customers.

BDR deployed a new virtualised server infrastructure, full desktop support package and comprehensive security solution that address all of these key issues and providing all staff with the support they needed to get on and do the job. Despite some challenging delivery timescales, BDR deployed the entire solution while migrating the business’s entire email system into Microsoft Office 365 without any significant disruption to the Business. BDR and Hawkesford now continue to work together on delivering the long-term IT partnership, between customer and service provider, that both parties envisaged.



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