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Manage all your companies devices from one single screen with MaaS360

MaaS360 is the fastest and most comprehensive way to configure devices for organisations, and secure corporate data on smartphones and tablets — all from a single screen.

As a fully-integrated cloud platform, MaaS360 simplifies mobile device management (MDM) with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.

Why MaaS360 from BDR?

  • A proven approach to cloud-based mobility management.
  • Powerful management and security to address the full mobility lifecycle.
  • Seamlessly integrates with all of your existing infrastructures.
  • Simple and fast with exceptional customer experience.

MaaS360 Essentials

  • SMS, email or URL over-the-air (OTA) enrolment.
  • Passcode and encryption enforcement.
  • Email, VPN and WiFi profiles.
  • Device restriction settings.
  • Remote locate, lock and wipe (full and selective).
  • Jailbreak and root detection.
  • Policy updates and changes.
  • Compliance reporting.

MaaS360 is an easy-to-use cloud platform with all of the essential functionality for end-to-end management of today’s mobile devices. This is including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.



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