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Hello from the CEO

I started BDR in 1991 and have managed it and its sister companies ever since in the capacities of MD and CEO.

My 33 years of business experience spans four decades from the mid 80s to present day. Having occupied and experienced all  key departments during that time, I have developed a deep, balanced and meaningful understanding of business, commerce and customer relationship.

In recent years in my capacity as CEO I have the overall responsibility for corporate affairs, general direction and success of the BDR Group of Companies with a detailed focus on finance, mergers and acquisitions.

I consider my primary goals to be keeping all personnel happy, providing clear direction, simplify procedures and keeping personnel highly trained and motivated but above all create the best working environments in our industry allowing talented staff flourish and freely practice their trade.

In one of my other responsibilities and professional duties I occupy the role of Chairman for the Concert group. I am a founder members of Concert. Concert is a collection of like minded businesses in telecommunications and IT that are geographically located throughout UK and work very closely in a seamless manner to offer a nationwide coverage to all customers. Concert members benefit from the knowledge, expertise and cost efficiency of a £110 million group, combined with the personal service and dedication of experienced local providers.

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