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GAGA Remembering Tree 2018

Each year BDR support the Goodwill and Growth for Africa UK by sponsoring a Remembering Tree. These beautiful decorated trees are located in our beautiful home town Bancroft gardens.

The Remembering Tree is made up of lots of crocheted and knitted synthetic wool squares (which are harmless to the tree). Some of the squares will be produced in South Africa by women from poor communities to help boost their income and gain new skills. The others will come from local community groups and individuals here in the UK. The tree will be ‘Yarn Bombed’ on the weekend of 25th November and will be ready to coincide with World AIDS day on 1st December. The tree will be decorated throughout the Christmas period. After we take the yarn squares down in the new year, the wool will be washed and recycled in to blankets to be either sent to South Africa or given to a homeless charity in the local area.

All money raised from The Remembering Tree contributes to the work of GAGA UK in Africa (registered charity 1092028). We support those living in poverty, as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS, in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and elsewhere.



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