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Coronavirus Statement

To whom it may concern,

We are working closely with all of our Supply Chain Partners in formulating a strategic plan in preparation for any impact on manufacturing in impacted regions, specifically China and South Korea. We will continue to monitor and evaluate Coronavirus developments, where new regions are identified and specifically should the virus become pandemic. Currently we believe the likelihood of any immediate impact on our services to existing clients is low due to our logistics and supply chain management.

We have a continuity plan in place for staff to work from home with access to all our secure systems, meaning service delivery should not be effected.

We are proactively taking steps to protect our staff, advice notices, hand sanitisers and hand washing instructions where required.

 Is your organisation ready for COVID-19?

Ministers warn a FIFTH of people could be off work during peak times which would have a huge impact on businesses.

Does your organisation offer staff the ability to work from home?

Are you able to conduct meetings remotely via video and call conferencing?

If not, now could be the time to get in touch with BDR Group and set up solutions that give your business the peace of mind to operate normally but from home where the need arises. 

BDR Group can provide your organisation with these tools within a matter of hours.

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