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Keep Your Existing Router.

You have the option to keep your existing router and still be re-graded to the latest technology available.

Breakdown of pros and cons:

Select a
New Router.

With the re-grade to the latest technology, you have the opportunity to select a brand-new router for no extra cost.

Breakdown of pros and cons:

14G SIM card only available on Advanced Router Replacement Plan at £9.99 per month. Back-up service is manually activated by contacting BDR Group support when an outage is experienced. Usage is without extra charge until 50GB; any data usage above 50GB, a rate charge of £44.95 per GB of data will be applied to your bill. 2Assured connection is subject to location, signal, power to your router, 4G availability, and other factors. BDR make no guarantee of internet connection in the event of an outage. The back-up 4G internet connection must be manually activated by contacting BDR support. If you decide to keep your existing router, you may not be eligible for the 4G back-up service. For more information, please contact us.

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