Goodbye PSTN, Hello to the Best in Internet-based Telecoms

By December 2025, the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) better known as the ‘landline’ is being turned off for good. This means that everyone, whether at home or in the office, will need to use an internet-based phone service. Though this may sound like a long way off right now, the clock is ticking for … Read more

Safeguarding Vital Patient Data in the Public Sector

Back in 2017, the NHS suffered a widespread cybersecurity attack. WannaCry crippled multiple NHS trusts and brought frontline clinical services to their knees up and down the country. Obviously, there were investigations and lessons were learned, but the danger still remains. The NHS wasn’t even the main target of the attack, so a targeted attack … Read more

Imagine a better way for Trusts to communicate

Even now, in the 21st Century, service users still struggle to get in touch with the clinicians and administrative staff they need, to take control of their health. With recent advances in technology, NHS Trusts have more opportunities to reimagine their communication services than ever before; to offer a better service to the public and … Read more

Leveraging Automation for a More Agile NHS

Even without the added challenges of Covid-19, healthcare environments have been strained and stretched to the fullest for a considerable time. But with frontline staff having so many responsibilities, how can the NHS become more agile, while they juggle all their daily tasks? The key is taking the monotonous, repetitive tasks out of their hands … Read more

Bringing in the Expertise You Need To Lead Your Digital Transformation

‘Terms like outsourcing and TUPE can be controversial but there really is no better way to make sure that IT and infrastructure achieves and maintains the necessary standards.’By BDR Group managing director Malek Rahimi The last 12 to 18 months have been transformational to say the least. In response to the pandemic, NHS Trusts have … Read more

Transforming NHS IT Teams into Enablers with Support from BDR

While the NHS is one of the UK’s most amazing achievements, it does have its faults. Especially the disjoin between the often-old-school processes within its clinical and operational practices, and the technology we regularly use within our personal lives. In a nutshell, why is the process to get the medical services a patient needs so … Read more

Ethernet Flex: The business broadband you’ve been waiting for

Given the great upheaval that the global pandemic has brought, the need for businesses to adopt new digital services and enable remote working is putting more pressure on already strained internet connections. With an uncertain future ahead, and some form of hybrid working expected for the medium-term at least, businesses need reliable broadband speed and … Read more

Medway Community Healthcare

UK Healthcare Professionals Get Back To Work With Nutanix. Medway Community Healthcare Builds Fit For Purpose Hybrid IT Infrastructure Based On Tightly Integrated Nutanix/Citrix Solution