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Ashley Webb visits Maplesden School

At BDR, we always strive to make a positive contribution to our local communities. This could be through charity, championing good causes or just going the extra mile to give back.

A perfect example of this was when at the end of September, BDR’s South East Operations Director Ashley Webb visited his old school, The Maplesden School in Maidstone. Ashley was invited the school as a leader from the local business community and someone who could offer some valuable guidance to the students there looking for a path into the working world.

Over the course of a day, Ashley hosted mock interviews with Year 11 students. This was then followed by advice on both interview technique and career planning.

Ashley saw a lot of potential in his interviewees. “I was so impressed by the confidence that a lot of the kids had during the interviews, but most admitted to feeling the nerves before they started. Hopefully with some pointers they’ll be able to smash it when it comes to the real deal!”

The school itself has a special importance to BDR. Not only was it Ashley’s old school, but 10% of the team at BDR’s South East office also studied there. There could very well be more future stars studying there right now!

Maplesden Careers Advisor, Emma Mills, extended her thanks to Ashley and offered an invitation to other BDR team members:

“Thank you so much for your support every year. Hopefully the other 10% of BDR may want to get involved and come back to school too soon! On behalf of The Maplesden Noakes School thank you Ashley Webb and BDR Group

We’re proud to be able to offer something back to our communities here at BDR. Stay tuned to our blog as we’ll continue to share the fantastic work that BDR and our staff carry out.

Our work connects people all around the world, but local causes are still so important. Ashley’s contribution shows just how crucial it is for businesses like ours to support our communities.



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