How does remote work affect productivity?

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More of us are working away from the office than ever before. While this trend was accelerated by Covid-19, businesses were naturally moving this way anyway. The modern workforce are younger, more focussed on maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and less tolerant of long commutes to jobs they could do from their desk at home. … Read more

How to prepare for the great PSTN/ISDN Switch-off

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In 2017, BT announced they would be switching off the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). These will eventually be fully replaced by an internet-based, or IP network. BT aim to have the phone networks replaced nationwide by 2025. This is a huge step for the telecoms industry. There are … Read more

Five biggest cybersecurity concerns for business – and how to address them

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Ask most people about cybercrime, and they’ll imagine lone genius hackers targeting giant corporations or the US government. Everyday cybercrime is a lot less glamorous than in TV and Hollywood. It’s more likely to be committed by groups, often connected to organised crime. As for victims of cybercrime, they tend to be less glamorous too. … Read more

Medway Community Healthcare Case Study

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Medway Community Healthcare Builds FitFor Purpose Hybrid IT Infrastructure BasedOn Tightly Integrated Nutanix/Citrix Solution Business Benefits With 1,400+ professional healthcare workers spread across 23 locations, Medway Community Healthcare was becoming increasingly constrained by the limitations of its legacy IT infrastructure. Performance and availability were daily concerns but, equally, lack of support for remote and mobile … Read more

Journey to the cloud – The risks and rewards

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Businesses embracing the cloud are performing the most significant evolution of their operation since the internet was first popularised, and can lead to a number of rewards, but the journey doesn’t come without its own risks too. An organisation’s digital transformation is one of the most dangerous journeys an IT team can embark on. And … Read more

Bringing in the Expertise You Need To Lead Your Digital Transformation

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‘Terms like outsourcing and TUPE can be controversial but there really is no better way to make sure that IT and infrastructure achieves and maintains the necessary standards.’By BDR Group managing director Malek Rahimi The last 12 to 18 months have been transformational to say the least. In response to the pandemic, NHS Trusts have … Read more

Upgrading legacy phone system to the latest VoIP system

Alan Day VW is a well-known car dealership with numerous branches across London. They employ over 200 people and operate from three sites in North London and one in the City. They contacted Icom to update their legacy telephone systems and replace them with a VoIP system in each of their branches. The BDR approach After … Read more