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BDR Group Complete Another Acquisition

The Group’s CEO Bahman Rahimi commented that “This was a friendly acquisition, since I have known the joint owners of Comec, Martin Rowley and Trevor Grove, for a long time and consider them friends. It is tremendous that Comec is now part of our Group”

Bahman Rahimi went on to say: “BDR’s established and unique approach to acquisitions, seems to appeal to Martin and Trevor, formulating the basis of our meeting of minds. I am very excited about our new and very close association with Comec. Comec have a very unique way of offering services to a number of Fortune 500 customers from across the Atlantic. This is very appealing, and I consider it commercially a serious platform for us to build on and expand with BDR’s additional products and services.”

Martin Rowley and Trevor Grove, who started the business 28 years ago, said that they are very excited at the prospect of joining forces with the BDR Group and taking the benefits of this relationship to their customers, staff and suppliers. “Whilst familiar with the BDR Group we did not realise the depth and levels of new products and services BDR has on offer.”

Bahman Rahimi said; “both Martin and Trevor will stay on in their respective roles and capacities at the helm of Comec helping implement the Group’s plan for expanding Comec and its activities. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded with such high achieving and talented group of fellow directors representing BDR Group’s subsidiaries helping me to mature ideas and plans to fuel the Group’s expansion.”

“After tremendous organic growth in excess of 60% this year and the addition of Comec to the BDR Group, we are now expecting to comprehensively beat our target for 2019 of £20M and revise it up to be in excess of £30M.”



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