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Providing Telecoms in Stratford Upon Avon for 31 years.

Since 1991, we’ve been supporting local businesses of all sizes with their telecommunications and IT needs. We hire over 70 employees from all across the Warwickshire area in our Head Office.

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'Stratfordians' at Heart.

We started our business in the birthplace of William Shakespeare all the way back in 1991 – over 30 years ago.

Although we operate across the globe, we’re still the ‘local telecoms company’ to 100s of our clients across the Warwickshire & Stratford area.

If you live near by our head office, feel free to pop your head in and say ‘hello’ to our expert teams or open an account with us.

Hosted Cloud Phone Systems (VoIP)

Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) phone systems mean that you can make & receive unlimited calls over the internet. No phone line required, just an internet connection. Don't have a business broadband connection yet? We do that too.

Broadband Connectivity

Get access to super fast business broadband in Stratford Upon Avon with BDR Group. We provide Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) and Leased Lines. Get up to 1,000mbps!

ICT Services

Unlock the power of BDR's local tech support team, who all live in the local area and will physically visit your business if they need to. We also offer fully managed IT services, so you never have to worry about anything IT related again.

IT Hardware

Mobile phones, tablets, USB sticks, computers, servers and so much more. BDR Group provides local companies with the best equipment available for your business. We take pride in offering the best, delivering excellence every time.

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