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Martin Hibberd, BDR Group

Martin Hibberd

International Sales Director | 16 Years Experience 

Martin Hibberd is the International Sales Director at BDR Global. He has a wealth of experience in global enterprise sales and solution delivery with a proven record of success in enhancing International Partner capabilities and market penetration. Martin has a deep understanding of the needs of his clients and is known for his ability to develop, implement and manage effective strategies that deliver solutions on time and budget. He is a dynamic and driven leader, dedicated to helping his team and his clients succeed in the global marketplace.

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“Hello and thank you for scanning my QR code. My name is Martin and I’m the International Sales Director at BDR. With over a decade of experience in global IT and ICT I have a clear understanding of the needs of both our partners and end-users. I am committed to providing International solutions that provide extended market reach, enhance capabilities, deliver excellence and provide exceptional value.


Choosing me and BDR Global as your international business partner enables revenue opportunities outside of local markets, extending your corporate reach and enhancing value to end-users whilst excelling in customer satisfaction.”

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