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iPECS Cloud Portal

Learn about how to fully use the iPECS Cloud Portal and control your hosted phone system with our extensive number of detailed videos.

Quickstart Video Series

How to Create an ACD Group

How to Create and Administer a Hunt Group

Overview of the Status View

How to Setup a Conference Room

Best Practice on the iPECS Portal

How to Assign Destinations for DDIs

How to Create a New User on iPECS

How to Create an Auto Attendant

How to Create a Group Voicemail

How to Create a Call Recording Group

How to Setup a HotDesk on iPECS

How to Manage Sites on the iPECS Portal

How to Extend Ring Time on iPECS

How to Enable Call Recording on iPECS

How to Setup a Mobile Extension

How to Setup SIP Lines on iPECS

How to Setup a Paging Group

How to use WebFax on iPECS

How to Setup a TDM Trunk Gateway

How to Manage a Live Call on ACB

How to Access the Cloud Portal

How to Programme Flexible Buttons

How to Setup Night Mode Service

How to Setup a Call Pickup Group

Manage Time Schedule and Holiday Settings

How to Setup Call Barring / Block Dialable Numbers

How to Reset Passwords for a User

How to Setup Voicemail to Email

How to Book a Call on Audio Conference Bridge

How to Add Numbers to the Directory

How to Setup Call Forwarding for an Ext.

How to Listen to Call Recordings on iPECS