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Voice over IP

When your workforce is spread over the globe, call costs quickly add up. Connecting all staff to the same VoIP system allows for free internal calls, promoting collaboration and efficient communications between teams.

Voice over IP is a technology that routes phone calls to you and your business over the internet, removing the last barrier to remote work for many firms.

Empower your staff.

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VoIP systems offer far more comprehensive statistics and analytics tools than their ageing ISDN equivalents. Track the activity of your teams with custom automated reports, or get an overview of the day’s call statistics in your sales team at a glance with highly-configurable wallboards. VoIP gives you the confidence to take a back seat, safe in the knowledge that your teams are on top of things.

Operating over the internet makes VoIP systems inherently accessible from off-site locations. On-site and cloud-based servers alike can be used from anywhere around the world. Connecting your workforce to one central phone system makes managing workload simple, and gives your business an additional layer of protection against site failures. Route call traffic away from an office that’s gone offline in just a few clicks.

Global access, local presence

The benefits of Voice over IP

Removing the need for costly phone lines in your offices, VoIP systems can be hosted in the cloud without sacrificing any functionality. Not only does this save you monthly line rental fees, but it also saves you the expense of employing or paying for specialist telecoms engineers.

VoIP calls are far, far cheaper than traditional ISDN or PSTN calls. For this reason, we can include free calls with our systems. This creates an affordable fixed monthly cost that until now has largely been absent from telecoms, giving you far greater control over your budget.

VoIP numbers can be used from absolutely anywhere in the world, including your own home. This means there’s no longer any need to forward calls to your mobile or home phone if you can’t get to the office. All your remote staff can connect to the same system and use their office numbers from wherever they work.

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VoIP Call Options

What our customers say

“We find working with BDR to generally be a good experience, they are small enough to be flexible for our (sometimes demanding!) requirements. We have recently installed phone systems in 2 major hotels which has been a significant improvement and we have also just renewed our mobile contract direct with BDR. Willingness to do anything to ensure the best service and ultimately make sure that we have a beneficial partnership”

Mike Wild, JW Lees

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What our customers say

“I was and remain amazed at a VOIP solution they put in for me that was incredibly cost effective and good quality. Left to my own devices I’d have been using a much more expensive system at a reduced quality.”

Alcester Homecare

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