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A successful and reliable IT infrastructure requires careful thought and planning. Our team can assess your current network, maintain what you have and suggest helpful improvements to make your business safer and more productive. Speak to the team and find out more.

Transform your network’s reliability, responsiveness and flexibility with BDR’s cost-effective System & Design services.

A solid foundation for work.

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Designed from the ground up

Every business uses their network in different ways, and every building places unique demands on a network. Our decades of experience helps us specify the best technology for the job.

You might be surprised how much time is wasted by businesses using outdated or poorly suited tools for their jobs. Our auditing and review processes will identify where time can be saved and efficiency can be gained.

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The elements of our Systems & Design services


By speaking to you and auditing your current systems, we can identify the technology your network will need to support. We design networks from the outset to support the way you work and the systems you use.


What provision should be made to cope with a localised failure? Redundant power supplies, mirrored disks, failover servers, alternative comms lines and/or hot swap hardware may well have a part to play.


How robust are your system and data defences? How aware are your users to the ever-present and growing threat of data loss or disruption? Prevention is not only better than cure it is essential. Keep the data stable door bolted!

Disaster Recovery

Nobody like to think about “disaster scenarios” but they happen and the total loss of resources, or at the very least access to them, can be devastating. A strong emergency plan built to provide business continuity gets you back on track and keeps you in business.

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What our customers say

“With BDR there were no hidden costs.”

Longcroft School

Red Horse Vale

What our customers say

“Before switching to BDR’s UC service we had been relying on an ISDN system for many years. It constantly experienced a large amount of downtime that really hindered the progress of our team. This new managed system from BDR has changed that, many thanks to the team!”

Red Horse Vale

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