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Call Analytics.

Optimise Communication Efficiency.

Use call analytics to improve customer experiences, boost productivity, and drive engagement. Discover how BDR’s call analytics solution can transform your communication strategies.

Call Analytics in Numbers

Curious how much time and money you could save with optimised call management? Wondering how streamlined communications could solve your customer service challenges?

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Personalise Interactions, Win Customer Loyalty

Integrating Call Analytics with your CRM allows you to personalise every customer interaction. Access to real-time call data and history means you can address customer needs more effectively, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Leverage insights to anticipate customer needs and tailor communications effectively.

Accelerate Resolutions, Elevate Service Quality

Our Call Analytics tools streamline communication flows within your business, ensuring that every call is handled efficiently and effectively. Faster resolutions lead to happier customers and a reduced burden on your support team.

Speed up problem-solving and reduce caller wait times with our analytics dashboard.

Customer service team using call analytics to manage communications efficiently.

Optimise Remote Operations, Maintain Productivity

As remote work becomes more common, maintaining team productivity and service quality is paramount. Call Analytics provides critical insights into remote workforce efficiency, helping you manage and support your team no matter where they are.

Monitor remote employee performance and ensure consistent service standards.

Remote team efficiently working together, monitored through advanced call analytics.

Ready to Transform Your Business Communications?

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Why Call Analytics by BDR Group?

From enhancing customer engagement to ensuring quick issue resolution, our Call Analytics covers every aspect of your business communication needs.

Real-Time Data Insights

Leverage real-time call data for smarter business decisions.

CRM Integration

Enhance customer interactions with CRM-integrated analytics.

Employee Performance Monitoring

Ensure consistent service quality with remote performance monitoring.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Gain actionable insights to improve customer relationships.


Call Analytics tracks a variety of metrics, including call volume, call duration, wait times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction levels, enabling you to optimise communication strategies.

By providing real-time data and historical insights, Call Analytics helps you understand customer interactions better, allowing you to enhance response times, personalise communications, and improve overall satisfaction.

 Our Call Analytics platform is designed to be compatible with most modern phone systems. We can assist in integration with your existing setup to ensure smooth operation.

Yes, Call Analytics provides detailed insights into the performance of your remote workforce, helping you monitor and improve productivity and efficiency from any location.

By optimising communication processes and enhancing customer engagement, Call Analytics helps you retain more customers and attract new ones, ultimately supporting your business growth.

We prioritise data security with encryption, secure data storage, and compliance with industry standards to ensure that all your analytics data is protected.

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