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Call Analytics.

Use telephone statistics to help personalise user experience, reduce missed and unresolved calls, and create the kind of efficient communications that delights callers and turns prospects into paying customers.


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Creating better communication.

Data with purpose.

  • Visualise and measure individual/team productivity
  • Enable business continuity when remote working
  • Drive customer engagement, loyalty and retention
  • Evaluate customer interactions to understand performance
  • Facilitate company policies and industry compliance

How do customers and visitors interact with your business? How long does it take them to speak to the person they need, and how quickly are their questions answered and issues resolved? When you have answers to these questions – and many more like them – you can create better experiences for potential and existing customers, driving sales and nurturing loyalty.

Become a more responsive business.

Statistics show that when you don’t answer calls, you lose customers. The majority of new callers won’t leave a message and won’t call back, because a quick Google search gives them plenty of alternatives to choose from. For existing customers, too, long waiting times, unanswered calls and missed callbacks are irritations that undermine loyalty.

That’s where our powerful call analytics platform comes in. Get a complete picture of your customers’ experience, and monitor interactions across your entire organisation. Gauge progress towards strategic goals like quicker call answering and speedier call backs, and track end-to-end visitor journeys from initial call to call resolution. Integrate with your CRM and personalise communications, while ensuring callers get to the people they need at first attempt.

The Benefits of Call Analytics

Get the data you need

How well does your business handle telephone calls? It’s a crucial question, because new and existing customers will form opinions on your service based on factors like how long they waited on the phone, whether you called back when you said you would, and how long it took to resolve their issue or answer their question. Our call analytics gives you this data.

Monitor your remote workforce

With more employees working remotely, business leaders need new and better ways to monitor productivity. Call analytics can provide real time insight into employee efficiency.

Personalise your customer experience

When call data is linked to a CRM system, information can be used to make a caller feel ‘known’. And having a customer’s details (and previous interactions with the company) at your fingertips not only helps personalise the conversation, it also leads to quicker call resolutions.

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