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Fire Systems are at the heart of safety of every building and a key consideration for all businesses to protect not only their business and property but most importantly of all, their people.

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Fire Detection

Fire detection and alarm systems are a crucial part of your overall fire evacuation and fire safety plans.

BDR provide design, installation and commissioning, in accordance with British Standards regulations (BS5839:1 2013), ensuring your chosen system is compliant and your building, staff and visitors are protected.

The systems we offer meet BS and EN standards and come complete with fire and fault monitoring, head removal plus short and open circuit protection. 

Fire Protection

When it comes to reducing fire risk, it’s not just the physical building design that can make the difference.

BDR are one of the few companies putting their expertise and know-how of fire containment techniques to the test in critical and challenging building environments. With access control and network expertise, we can offer the complete package.

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Our Fire Safety Solutions

Emergency Lighting

When it comes to fire, emergency lighting can be essential in helping to evacuate from buildings quickly and safely. BDR’s expertise in networking alongside, telephony, fire safety and security systems, puts us in a great place to fully understand customer requirements and help with long term planning for future projects – saving them both time and money.

For example, by having emergency lighting installed, BDR can put the base in place for future IT expansion – as and when budgets allows – or identify technological solutions to improve safety from push button switches to self-maintained lights.

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Fire Detection

Addressable Systems: These are standard on larger premises with digital displays featuring zone and device information, allowing fire fighters and response staff to immediately see the exact location of the alarm.

Aspirating Systems: These are used where smoke or heat detection is not effective or where early warning or greater protection is required, including atriums, lifts and warehouses.

Fire Depressing Systems: These are used to detect and control fires in system critical locations, including datacentres and computer rooms, LV and HV switch rooms and generator rooms.

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Fire Doors

Fire Doors are an essential part of any fire containment strategy, offering up to an hour of added protection.

Article 18 of the Government’s Fire Safety Order sets out rules commercial premises should follow to meet fire regulations in terms of preventative and protective measures. This includes fire doors and escape doors.

BDR’s additional expertise in security systems and network solutions make the company the perfect choice for fire safety systems. This is especially the case with critical locations, where the ability to lock down or seal off areas remotely can be vital.

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Fire Protection

It can be as simple as filling holes in walls, inserting specialist seals or installing fire doors, but all play their part in helping to slow down the advance of toxic smoke and flames, allowing time for people to evacuate or move to a safe zone elsewhere in the building.

Firestopping is an integral part of fire protection engineering, preventing smoke, gas and flames from spreading through gaps between walls, joints, floors and ceilings for up to an hour.

It’s the kind of preventative work that may be flagged up in the detailed report we prepare as part of our Fire Risk Assessment, which businesses need to complete by law.

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Risk Assessments

BDR are accredited to work in both the private and public sector, including strictly controlled acute buildings and challenging environments, where regulatory and procedural expertise is critical.

The Government’s Regulatory Reform Order 2005, requires every business to complete a risk assessment, which both identifies and advises on the steps you can take to reduce risk.

BDR will carry out a detailed survey of your building before advising what is needed and highlighting the areas of greatest risk.

Once completed, further independent checks will take place to ensure the work complies with fire safety standards.

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What our customers say

“We needed a range of different security systems to work with offices, major shopping centres and more. BDR absolutely excelled in this, providing a fully connected CCTV service, safety control and more. The team was so helpful in training our staff in operating these systems, it was a ten-out-of-ten service.”

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What our customers say

“Working with BDR has allowed us to completely overhaul our network cabling between our sites, allowing our staff and guests to communicate in a much more efficient way, when we install new systems such as these we require as little disruption as possible, and BDR was perfect in this regard.”

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