Empower your team

Seamless Collaboration

Comec’s goal for unified communications and collaboration is essentially to bring together the right people at the right time with the right information to deliver business results.

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Empower your team

Complete Collaboration

Avaya Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions enable people to focus on the purpose of their interactions instead of the logistics that allow them to take place.

Today’s workforce is highly distributed and mobile, and the tools and devices that they seek are further driven by the consumerisation of IT. Collaboration needs to extend not only to employees at head office, regional offices, branch network, and remote workers, but to the enterprise ecosystem inclusive of supply chain, service providers, channels, and customers.

All your communications on one bill

Enterprise grade mobility

The Avaya Unified Communication solutions empower people to communicate and collaborate using any modality, independent of location, network, or device. The solutions run on an enterprise grade platform that is highly open, reliable, scalable, and secure.

Comec can provide the platform and tools that empower the enterprise to rapidly create and deploy communication applications that are embedded into their business processes and applications.

Need a bit of help understanding our solutions?

Benefits of Unified Communication

Location independence: Access any feature from anywhere on any device.

Economic efficiency: Provision what you need instantly.

Faster innovation: Use new features as soon as they’re available.

A Better Way to Work: Keep everyone connected and informed.

What our customers say

“Before switching to BDR’s UC service we had been relying on an ISDN system for many years. It constantly experienced a large amount of downtime that really hindered the progress of our team.  This new managed system from BDR has changed that, many thanks to the team!”

Red Horse Vale

Red Horse vale Fuels

What our customers say

“Our Head of Service, Louise Clack has shared with me the extraordinarily impressive work that your team have undertaken to ensure that our dedicated COVID 19 Ward was up and running.

The work undertaken enabled our ward to open to COVID patients on time and with all the facilities needed to ensure the smooth running of the ward.

I wanted to record my personal thanks, along with that of my board, and to say that your team’s work has made an enormously positive difference to some of our most vulnerable patients.”

Helen Greatorex – Kent and Medway NHS Trust

Hospital corridor